6770 KY Hwy 300 Stanford, KY 40484

As if the info to the left doesn't give you a mission, I'll just say it here. We want to be the best and strive to do so! We are gearheads that love making HP!



We have a passion for cars.This passion stems from early childhood of being surrounded by cars and enjoying them with my Dad. Learning the basics over the years gave me the mechanical foundation I needed to learn the things I have thus far.

I was always into computers and electronics in general so the mix of cars and electronics really intrigued me once it came time to modify one of my first cars while in college. Searching for shops to tune a car back then was few and far between much less affordable for a college kid on a ramen noodle diet! So I saved up and bought the equipment needed to tune my own car. The snowball had been formed!

Not much time passed that I had friends and family that wanted me to tune their cars and as time passed I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could from trial and error of tuning cars.

Over the years working a full time job and tuning on the side to support my car hobby I started getting more and more people wanting us to tune their car. This was jump started when I was able to get my first dyno. The dyno has been a great tool to validate results and theories I had learned in years past.

So here we are now a full time EFI Calibration shop that does only tuning. Why? We want to stay focused on providing the best tuning services available today. And by dedicating all my time to tuning enables me to stay on my A game learning new platforms and keeping up to date on the latest available options for various model's. This background knowledge is a huge factor that separates us from the rest!

Our team is us. Me and my wife are all of it. We keep it this way to keep overhead down and to keep our customers on a personal level with yours truly. This personal connection only adds to the experience.

We have added our oldest daughter Lexi to our team. She will be taking care of videoing and social media.  So be looking for her at the track this season to get some interviews of our customers. 

​We can't leave out our youngest daughter Grace who is the life of ShorTuning, She wants to be a race car driver and take over the family business and what better teacher to have than her daddy. 

Calibration: James Short

Secretary: Angel Short

Social Media: Lexi Short

​Future Racecar Driver: Amelia Grace Short