To make sure your appointment is put to the most efficient use, the following should be checked prior to visiting our dynamometer. Failure to ensure that the following items are in proper working order will cause your tune to be inaccurate and/or unsafe. The Dyno is very hard on engines and drivelines so you must realize that the engine and driveline must be in pristine mechanical order because we ARE NOT LIABLE for failures while on the dyno! Repairs that need to be made while on the dynamometer are NOT part of your quoted tuning rates, and will be billed at our normal hourly rate in addition to the tuning fee.

 Mechanical Check List:

· Engine Compression and leak down test pass on all cylinders
· Intake manifold and intercooler sealed under vacuum and pressure
· Oil, Tranny and water lines properly tightened
· Turbo does not have excessive shaft play (if applicable)
· Turbo seals in good condition! Will be charged for a wideband sensor if it gets oil soaked from being in customer vehicle with leaking seals
· Exhaust properly installed and leak free
· Preferably no open headers due to wideband readings

· Exhaust cannot dump at axle otherwise we wont be able to strap your vehicle down without melting straps
· NO Drag Radials/Slicks
· Vehicle properly aligned
· No leaks of any kind from the crankcase, cooling system, transmission etc.

· Extra Fees will apply to cleanup fluids
· Spark Plugs fresh and have the proper heat range (consult with me for proper plugs)
· Oil fresh and at the proper level (not liable for low oil levels causing engine failure)

Fuel System:

· Fuel Injectors MUST be approved by us! We will turn away cars with unapproved injectors!!!

· Full tank of fuel

· If Boosted you must have a 2bar or 3bar MAP Sensor
· Fuel pump properly sized and in working order. If you are trying to fuel an E85 boosted LS, a single 255 in tank and 80lb injectors isn't going to work.

· Fuel Injectors clean and fuel injector O-rings free from leaks
· Fuel pressure regulator in good working order
· Fuel filter clean and functioning properly
· Fuel lines and hoses properly installed and of the proper type/size


· Clutch working properly and able to handle the power you plan on making
· Transmission working properly and filled with clean fluid
· Differentials working properly and filled with clean fluid
· Wheel bearings in good working order
· Brakes functioning properly and properly suited for your power level
· Universal Joints on Driveshaft are in good working order and of the right type for yoke (we have had these sling out and cause all sorts of destruction)
· Driveshaft rated for proposed power


· Check ALL vehicle grounds!!!
· Battery and alternator working properly
· No engine lights or codes, unless they are known and need to be cut off due to no longer having that equipment on the vehicle
· Tuning connections hooked up and available; ALDL (if applicable)



Remote Tuning


Mail Tuning


Dyno tuning is our preferred method of calibrating your vehicle. OEM ECU Tuning we support GM vehicles that use late model 24 or 58 crank trigger ECU's. Haltech, Holley etc? Sure we support those too!! Below is a pricing list for dyno tuning services.

  • GM LS Base Price: Email to inquire
  • Each Power Adder: Email to Inquire
  • Flex Fuel: Email to Inquire
  • Standalone EMS: Email to Inquire



Dyno Tuning


Customers that have had dyno tuning services from us are eligible for track support. Pricing for track support below to cover fuel, entry, tuning and time

  • Track Support: $150

6770 KY Hwy 300 Stanford, KY 40484

Track Tuning




We have an in house Dyno Dynamics dyno to help us precisely calibrate nearly any programmable engine management system. It offers many inputs/outputs to gather the most data possible while calibration is under way.

Combined with the best dyno is laboratory grade sensors to give the best feedback possible. We use ECM widebands to calibrate with.

We also use many different software solutions to enable us to modify parameters within the factory PCM/ECM/TCM.

With the prices of standalone EFI getting cheaper we see many more people inquiring about tuning Haltech, Holley, MaxxECU and many others. We offer tuning for those too!

We at ShorTuning primarily deal in performance dyno tuning and engine calibration.

Tuning electronic fuel injection systems is my specialty. We love making a computer control a car/truck the right way. We have many years experience tuning multiple different platforms on our dyno, street and at the race track.

Mail order tuning is a quick and easy way to get your car up and running with your new mods. We have a large repository of files built up over the years from previous dyno tuning sessions that we can pull data from to apply towards your mail order tune. The mail order tune is a cheap alternative to a full on dyno tune however it may come with some tradeoffs to the dyno tune. While we can generally get the tunes on our mail orders very close, it'll never be as spot on as it will be with our physical hands on the car dialing it in. So with that said be mindful of the limitations a mail order tune will have. We offer no support for mail order tunes. It is a flash tune that is one time deal only. We do apply a portion of a mail tunes fee towards a full dyno tune if scheduled within 6 months of the mail order tune.

We always recommend either checking the fueling with a wideband o2 or plug reading to verify no engine damage can occur.

Email to inquire about Mail order tuning 

Those of you that aren't close by for us to calibrate your vehicle on our chassis dyno can take advantage of our remote tuning services. Remote tuning is where you have the tuning software to upload or flash the tune and datalog to email back and forth with us to tune the car. This does require some computer skills as well as some pre-installed hardware on your part. We require a wideband be installed with the ability to datalog it's analog output so we can see exactly what the engine is doing and how to proceed with adjustments.

Wideband MUST be one of the following for us to remote tune!!

  • ECM AFM1000/1500
  • ECM AFX2
  • Ballenger Motorsports AFR500v1 or v2

Remote tuning support is primarily reserved for GM V8 applications or any Haltech or Holley standalone systems.

Email to inquire about remote tuning